Sometimes you have to go to those that are experiencing the same thing you are in an effort to gain a better understanding.  In an effort to gain some perspective on what I as a 50+ year woman is going through with my wavering fitness levels I thought it would be important to get some perspective from another woman my age.  I sat down with my best friend since fifth grade, Faith Varner.  Faith and I seem to live a parallel life and have been going through this journey called life for over 40 years.

While aging is inevitable, aging well is not necessarily a given.  Can you describe some factors for you are involved in aging well?

Faith:  This has never been a truer statement.  For me personally the factors that are involved in aging well to identify and determine exercises and healthy eating measures that best fit my lifestyle.  I most certainly had to get a physical exam by doctor.  There were things going on with my body I did not understand because I had never experienced them before. So getting a complete medical work up with important.  I also had to know what my physical limitations are.  Your mind and body has to be on the same page.  So getting my mind and body on the same page was extremely important. 

As a woman over 50 what has been most impactful to you about your fitness and health journey?

Faith:  As a woman over 50 the most impactful thing about my fitness and health journey has been finding exercises that best fit my fitness level and abilities.  I was diagnosed with lupus at age 50, I’m 55 now.  This was something I was not prepared for and knowing I have lupus at this age I realized I needed to give myself grace in physical exercises.  I had to go from being in a gym lifting weights to doing things such as yoga or Pilates.  So I would say with my fitness and health journey the most impactful thing that has occurred for me is being diagnosed with lupus and trying to figure how to live with this while trying to be as healthy as I possibly can.

Are there things you have considered doing to change the direction of fitness level?  And if so what has been the outcome for you?

FaithYes there are most certainly things I have considered to change the direction of my fitness level.  As I mentioned before I’ve started taking yoga and pilates classes, but I’m also taking on other activities too, such as pole dancing.  Dancing in general is something that has been amazing, however incorporating a bit of strength conditioning with pole dancing has also taken the boredom out of exercising.