Our Aging Bodies

As we age our body composition gradually changes.  This is especially true for women over the age of 50.  Women’s center of gravity changes and it is much more difficult to lose weight.  There is also a struggle when we as women over 50 start to try and gain muscle while reduce those stubborn areas where fat collects.

What workout do I choose

When working on your fitness as a woman over 50 the consideration you have to give yourself is reducing cardio workouts and add training using weights. Resistance training is a crucial part of an exercise program for women over 50.  There is a link between muscle mass and metabolism.  As we age we lose muscle mass, it is important to find activities that will incorporate weight training to build muscle. It is also important to understand the need to increase muscle and bone strength to prevent falls and fractures

Regular exercise routines should include activities such as playing tennis, pole dancing or yoga.  Being more creative with your fitness and health routines helps with a way of staying fit and adds creativity. The fantastic news is that the benefits of fitness over 50 is well worth the effort.

Photo by: David McWhirter